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Three Mistakes People Make In The Gym After An Injury And Physical Rehabilitation

1. Rapidly Increasing Workload When Pain is Gone

Nothing is more exciting than when a physical rehabilitation patient comes in saying they have been pain-free. However, it’s important to be very cautious about how much work people return to following injury. Things may be feeling great, but there is still a need to follow a continual plan of progressive loading.

2. Not treating the Cause of Pain

Now, there may be too many factors to address all at once in physical rehabilitation. Some factors may be out of immediate control. With that said, one should try to tackle as many issues as they can during physical rehabilitation. Prioritize the main issues and have an open conversation about why addressing these issues is so important, both in terms of performance and re-injury risk. This drastically helps minimize recurring problems down the road.

3. Not Continuing Care for Maintenance

In an ideal world, the importance of physical rehabilitation has been explained and patients maintain visits, coming to see their provider. Manual therapy, hands-on strength work, and tweaking programs based on changes are incredibly helpful. It is crucial to recognize the importance of this and continue to come on a bi-weekly or monthly basis for tune-ups.

LifeQuest Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation routinely assists patients in circumventing all of these challenges. Call us today for your first appointment!

(Based on a similar list by Mike Reinold –



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