CBP is unique because its goal is to not only improve symptoms arising from poor posture and spinal alignment but to also address issues involving disease and organ dysfunction. Doctors practicing CBP first analyze a patient’s three dimensional posture to obtain precise data then implement techniques such as rehabilitative therapy and traction to cater to their long-term health. The goal of CBP is for a patient to achieve the level of health they desire. Care begins with a thorough exam and consultation including any necessary x-rays. This is followed by a period of time in which relief care is provided in order to reduce the level of pain a patient is experiencing. After this initial state, a follow-up evaluation is conducted and the patient is allowed to choose whether they would like to receive care for structural rehabilitation and/or stabilization. During the second phase, restorative and corrective care is provided through adjustment, rehabilitation exercise, and traction. After the second phase, the provider conducts a final evaluation and the patient is allowed to choose whether they want to stop care or continue to receive treatment. Generally, follow-up care is recommended in order to ensure a patient’s continued wellness and prevent problems from arising in the future. The frequency of care recommended is based on the patient’s lifestyle and goals.

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