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Got Back Pain? Try These Helpful Tricks!

Got Back Pain? Try These Helpful Tricks!

Get A Good Night’s Sleep
Sleep disturbances are common among people with chronic back pain, and not getting enough quality sleep may actually worsen inflammation and pain. For a better night’s sleep, experiment with different sleeping positions. Adding an extra pillow under your body can help maintain the natural curve in your spine. If you’re a back sleeper, try putting the pillow under both knees; for stomach sleepers, try under your pelvis. If you sleep on your side, sleeping with a pillow between the knees may help.

Exercise your core
The muscles in your abs and back play a critical role in supporting your lower spine. These muscles don’t get a good workout during the course of a normal day—they need to be specifically targeted through exercise.

Yoga can be very therapeutic for people with back pain. Yoga can help reduce chronic lower back pain. It may also help improve back pain by loosening tight muscles, building strength and range of motion, and improving breathing.

Engage Your Brain
Pain specialists have long understood that pain is not absolute; it is more complicated than just a sensation. The way your brain interprets and processes pain signals plays an important role in how you perceive your pain. The good news is that you can develop skills for your brain to reduce or ignore the pain signals. Developing expertise in these skills can go a long way to help you have some degree of influence over your pain.

Get Help from LifeQuest!
The team at LifeQuest can help you identify the exact causes of your discomfort, assess the best solutions for you, personally, and work with you to complete a course of treatment that will have you back to your regular self in no time! Give us a call today!



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