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Chiropractic Care

If you are dealing with back pain, neck pain, joint pain or any kind of spinal issues, you may have heard of chiropractic care, whether it be a recommendation from a doctor, family member or friend. Chiropractic care is becoming more common as over 27 million Americans are being treated at a chiropractor and all 32 NFL teams utilize this type of care.

Chiropractic care is not just about treating back pain or spinal issues. Treatment can also help improve your posture, reduce headaches, blood pressure, and provide many other benefits. Chiropractic care can help maintain a better lifestyle and possibly reduce trips to the doctor!

Now, the next concern people may have about chiropractic care is the cost – namely, does health insurance cover such care? The answer may be yes, depending on the type of insurance plan you have. Coverage for chiropractic care also varies depending on what state you reside in, so be sure to look up your insurance company’s policy on chiropractic care and how it is covered.

In the end, the benefits of chiropractic care are unlimited, so take advantage of this opportunity and contact LifeQuest Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation today!



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